My work is about gesture and expression. It is about song, reverence, or simple inner attentiveness.  I am fascinated by the human struggle to get it right, whatever right is. I find beauty in a puzzled look—a knot of the mind—expressed sometimes in a simple tilt of the head or expression of the eyes. My goal is to engage the viewer in a story about the figures that reflects their own life experiences.

I love working in the mud. Clay has so much versatility and the firing process is a bit like raising children. You can guide them and mold them as best you can, but when you send them off into the world where things are beyond your control, they can change in a way that surprises you. My work is a collaboration between me and the fire. It is like life - controlled chaos. Though it is impossible to know exactly how everything will turn out, sometimes interesting and even incredible things can happen, and that keeps me coming back to the work again and again. 

Kate Christopher is a figurative sculptor who lives and works in Mahtomedi, MN. Her work has earned a number of awards, including the first award in sculpture at the Minnesota State Fair Show in 2001.